Why Sign the Letter?

An Apology is Needed Because of Two Thousand Years of Christian Anti-Semitism

If you haven’t read through the summarized history pages of christian Anti-semitism, I recommend doing so. It is very sobering and enlightening to understand the events which transpired during the last 2 two thousand years of the Christian-Jewish relationship. The files can be accessed below:

Early Christian Anti-Semitism: 0 – 400’s of the Common Era (Read the historical events)

This era produced a virulent anti-Jewish attitude in the Church and the erroneous concept that the Church had replaced Israel. As Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire, this paved the way for the state and the Church to “Christianize” ancient pagan religious practices and prohibit anything Jewish in the new religion. Thus, the early Church divorced itself from its Hebraic roots and discriminated against the Jewish people.

Christian Anti-Semitism in the Middle Ages: 500’s – 1600’s (Read the historical events)

This era produced an intensified Christian hatred towards the Jewish people. Europe was ruled by a combined Church-State government and the Jewish people were outcasts. They were continually subjected to social and professional discrimination as decreed by the Church-State governments. As time progressed, christian hatred turned into frequent outbreaks of violent riots and massacres against the Jewish people. They were expelled from virtually every country where they sought refuge.

The Effects of Historical Christian Anti-Semitism in the Modern Era: 1700’s – 1900’s (Read the historical events)

This era is unique from the previous eras because Anti-semitism, which had historically been of a religious nature, evolved into more of a social and racial nature. During this era, the Church lost its dominance over society. However, centuries of christian discrimination against the Jewish people had produced a general anti-Jewish racism in society as a whole. As a result, not only did the Church maintain its historical Anti-semitism, but society also became prejudiced against the Jewish people. The culmination of this new Anti-semitism resulted in the Jewish Holocaust of World War II and the radical Islamic hatred of the Jewish people which has become prevalent in the 21st century.

If nothing else, a Christian Apology is needed simply because it is the right thing to do according to christian, biblical standards. God is love and extends loves to all people. Christians, in following the example of Christ, are called to live in a godly, loving relationship with all people; and are called to reconciliation if “...your brother has something against you...” Matthew 5:23-24.

If you’re wondering what would the Jewish people have against Christians, then read the history. That will explain the general animosity and distrust which exists in the Jewish community today towards Christians.

Restoration is Needed in the Jewish-Christian Relationship

Every Christian, whether they know it or not, has a relationship with Israel and the Jewish people because we share a common heritage and we share a relationship with the One, True Living God of the Bible. The Bible is clear that through the New Covenant, Christians are now in covenant relationship with Israel and the Jewish people:

  • The New Testament states that Christians have been grafted into the root of Israel (Romans 11:17-18).

  • Christians are co-heirs of God's promises with Israel and members of one body (Ephesians 3:6).

  • Christians are fellow citizens with Israel in covenant relationship with God (Ephesians 2:19).

  • Furthermore, the New Testament says that whatever mercy and grace Christians have received from God they are to offer the same to Israel and the Jewish people (Romans 11:30-31, 15:26-27). God considers Christian and Jewish people as family.

If you have read the pages on the site about the Church history of anti-Semitism then you can understand that we have severely wounded our Jewish family throughout history. Those wounds exist today in the collective heart of the Jewish people.

Jewish-Christian Friendship is Needed Now and for the Future

Christian support for Israel is needed now. Israel stands right now in a tough time in her history. Radical Islamic hatred assaults the nation and the people continually, conflicts and minor wars are fought frequently and anti-Israel bias is rampant in global mainstream media as it influences world opinion against the Jewish people. Israel and the Jewish people need Christian support, especially as the United Nations and other entities act with belligerent attitudes towards the nation and its interests.

A Jewish-Christian friendship will be essential for the future. If you agree that today’s generation is the one which may experience the biblical end times and see the coming of the Messiah (read more), then hopefully you understand that difficult times are coming in the future for Israel and also for anyone adhering to a biblical faith, i.e. Christians. As global world opinion turns more aggressively against Israel and Christianity in the future, we are going to need each other.

You Can Help Form a New Jewish-Christian Friendship!

This website is designed for you, Christians, to make an impact at the personal level. It gives every Christian an opportunity to have a voice and a direct role in healing the Jewish-Christian relationship and making true reconciliation a reality. Imagine a Jewish holocaust survivor reading this letter and seeing thousands of people’s signatures on the letter. And that person knowing that this effort of love is coming from real people all over the world who truly care about them. Can you imagine how powerful that would be in their heart to heal wounds and form a new friendship between us?

As a Christian, your life may not ever touch the Jewish community directly. But by signing this letter you can make a tremendous impact in healing the Jewish-Christian relationship globally and fulfilling God's purposes for the future.

God is Calling Today’s Christian Church to Support Israel’s Restoration

Right now in this hour of history God is writing the chapter on the restoration of Israel. As you probably know from personal experience, God is most concerned about people’s hearts and bringing redemption and healing from past wounds so they can enter into a new, abundant life. Nobody can bring healing to the heart of the Jewish community except for the ones who caused the wound. True, it was the historical Church which actually inflicted the Anti-semitic wounds, but if that pain is going to be healed then the Church of today must take action. The tragic history of christian Anti-semitism is every Christian’s heritage. Therefore it’s up to us to take ownership of our heritage, feel the grief from it and the pain of the Jewish people, and then take responsibility for restoring the Jewish-Christian relationship.


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